Over-night Care

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Over-night Care

Over Night Care - Helping Hugs

Never left the young ones alone in the middle of the night

This can come in handy for times when you are away on work, or even when you just want a restful night of sleep yourself. It isn’t advisable to leave young kids alone at night, as they could get panicky, and could unknowingly expose themselves to danger.

Overnight care is among the more important services that we provide. We take on full responsibility for their safety, health and well-being when they are with us. Apart from our strict adherence to policies and processes, we have a highly efficient communication system between our staff and the children’s families to create a secure environment for your children.

As Katlyin, one of our clients puts it, “The kids would rather spend the night at the day care than spending time with us! It’s the activities and being around kids of the same age that draw them together.”

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