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Information About Educators- Helping Hugs

High standards of professionalism in our educators and staff by:

  • Valuing the knowledge, skills and commitment of our educators, providing advice and guidance to educators in delivering education and care and fully supporting their continuing professional development.
  • Ensuring warm, welcoming and satisfying work environment for staff that encourages a stable and co-operative team work.
  • At Helping Hugs, we value strong partnership and acknowledge the importance of children, parents and educators as partners in the children’s learning process. Educators, families and the community collaborate to inspire and enrich children’s lives.
  • Every child has the right to feel physically, socially, emotionally and culturally safe in the family day care environment. We ensure this by developing policies and procedures that minimise risks to the health and wellbeing of children in our care.
  • We acknowledge the right of every child to the highest quality education and care by embracing the principles, practices and outcomes from the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK and MY TIME OUR PLACE to guide our daily practice.

The Helping Hugs Family Day Care policy and procedures incorporate Australian and State legislation guidelines related to Family Day Care. It integrates the National Quality Framework for family day care, National Education and Care services Regulations 2012 and the Helping Hugs Family Day Care Service Agreement..

Be rest assured that you are leaving your kids in capable and caring hands.”

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