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Family Day Care Centres

In case you are in search of top grade family day care centres, whether for full time or casual care in a safe, homely and interactive environment then, you should consider Helping Hugs, the best family day care in Werribee. All our efforts are directed toward enriching your child’s knowledge. Our goal is to identify and stimulate your child’s inherent potential and help him utilize it to the fullest.

Helping Hugs is a trusted name and boasts of a number of well-known family day care centres across the suburban areas in Melbourne. Family day care services are believed to be a network of registered and widely experienced educators, who are experts in taking care of other people’s kids in the safety of their home.

Needless to say that these educators have been selected with utmost care and are supervised all the time to ensure consistent enhancement and maintain high quality. Children between the ages of minimum 6 weeks and maximum 12 years are given an opportunity to nurture in a small and interactive group setting. Educators help them in developing their inherent skills and gaining invaluable knowledge.

Values We Uphold

We are undoubtedly, the best family day care in Werribee and are known for the values we uphold. We try our best to infuse these values in our children.

-  Honesty: We believe that honesty is certainly the best policy for building trustworthy relationships and getting superlative outcomes for children.

-  Mutual Respect: We respect everyone irrespective of gender, age, race, class, economic status, ability, lifestyle, family structure, religion, ethnicity, language, national origin or culture.

-  Integrity: We value integrity in upholding the rights of our children.

-  Justice: We uphold the principles of equality, fairness and we value justice.

-  Courage: We promote and uphold courage as an effective tool for acquiring knowledge, critical self-study and most importantly, reflection.

-  Inclusivity: We endeavour to involve all children in our curriculum and programs.

-  Social & Cultural Responsiveness: All our programs are aimed toward learning about communities, respecting the uniqueness of each and every family, and understanding their lifestyle and culture.

-  Education: Education is our prized possession and we believe that education paves the way for success in life.

At all Helping Hugs family day care centres, we offer a wide range of diverse exciting and fun-filled activities that help in nurturing intellectual, physical, creative and social skills to the maximum. Children are encouraged and motivated to contribute to their own development in such a way that helps in accelerating overall learning, but at a comfortable pace.

Helping Hugs is certainly the best family day care in Werribee and boasts of a significantly small educator to kid ratio that implies that all children get individual attention and personal care. Our experienced team offers customized programs suiting unique individual requirements. We guarantee complete safety and ensure children’s happiness and well-being.

What You Can Expect

We stand apart from the rest thanks to our hardworking, fully committed and dedicated staff.

  • Our educators are both physically as well as emotionally adept at taking good care of young children.
  • We foster a secure, safe, child-friendly and welcoming atmosphere that is effective in the learning and development of young minds.
  • We are totally and genuinely committed toward ensuring well-being of children.
  • We possess sound organizational and management skills.
  • We are able to understand thoroughly all aspects of child development.
  • Our educators communicate clearly and effectively.
  • We appreciate family and cultural diversity.
  • We are sensitive to the values and needs of children and their parents.
  • We believe in ongoing professional development to keep abreast with advanced techniques for providing better child care services.