Educators Quality

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Educators Quality

The Educators that we nominate are genuinely caring and supportive; registered and independent professionals. An environment where children can learn grow and discover are provided by the Educators in the comfort of their homes. They are supported in all their activities through careful planning by the Coordination Unit Staff.  It is ensured that the Educators have all the resources necessary for childcare.

Becoming an Educator is a rewarding job and you get to do it in the settings of your home in your own special way. 

The following are qualities that make our Educators a cut above the rest:

  • Caring and empathetic towards children
  • Loves the opportunity to serve
  • Able to work with children from diverse cultures
  • Passionate about guiding children
  • Able to provide warm, secure and childcare friendly homes
  • In good health
  • Possess current First Aid Emergency Certificate, Asthma Emergency, and Anaphylaxis Management
  • Holds a certificate III in Children’s Services
  • National Criminal Check and Working with children already taken
  • Responsible adults above 18 years of age

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