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About Helping Hugs


Nurturing Curiosity with Care.

And hugs.

At Helping Hugs Family Day Care, we strive to create an environment of warmth, fun and learning for young children, in the safety of a home.

Why We Exist: Our Mission

We seek to engage, support, resource and inspire educators to work in collaboration with families thus ensuring that each child reaches his / her full potential.

We understand that the formative years of a young child are extremely crucial, and have a lasting impact on his / her overall development on all aspects – physical, personal, social, intellectial and emotional. And we work very hard to encourage holistic development of the children in our care. After all, child care is a lot more than just babysitting!

At Helping Hugs, we are serious about safety. Our educators collaborate with families and the wider community, to ensure that safety is never a concern for our kids. For us, every child is a unique individual, with a unique personality – and our educators are trained to recognize and nurture that, in a way that’s best for the child.

What makes us different?

Helping Hugs has adopted the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time, Our Place approach, coupled with the principles of ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ to guide our activities for children’s holistic development.

We are good at igniting the child’s latent curiosity; a behavior that we believe will spur learning and absorption of new information in a child. We facilitate learning through experiential techniques that are play-based, engaging, exploratory and enriching – in natural and artificially built environments.

Our educators ensure that there is a healthy dose of social and interpersonal interaction between the children and them, and among children from multi-cultural backgrounds.

Respecting multi-cultural diversity and the rights of the children is very important for us, and we are sensitive to their individual needs. In sync with these values, we try to inculcate an appreciation of values like mutual respect, self-awareness and a commitment towards sustained personal growth and development. At every step, we commit to support your child’s sense of self, belonging, being and aspirations.

All of these build a strong foundation for a child who’s confident, socially competent and eager to learn.

We are, quite literally, a hug above the rest!